Do you want to become a brain scientist? Would you like to be able to carry your Lab and Library in your pocket? Perform scientific experiments at your favorite coffee shop? Brain Lab allows you to do just that. 

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Brain Lab is based on state of the art Computer-aided Neuroscience. Computational Neuroscience is a research field that employs techniques from mathematics, physics, computer science and experimental disciplines, such as neurobiology, electrophysiology etc. to understand how our brains function. Computer models of brain cells are used all over the world by scientists to simulate the electrical activity of brain cells. 

Brain Lab offers real scientific brain cell models that can be used by anyone, no matter if you are a student, a scientist, or someone who is just interested in brain science. To carry out your experiments, we have set up a Lab for you with all the necessary equipment. If you need to brush up your brain science knowledge or look up a specific technical term, you can go to your Library and read it up. 

The Entrance Hall of BRAIN LAB. From here you can visit your Library (book stack) or your Laboratory (measuring device)

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